Determination of effective means of special physical training of female couples’ bottom partners in sports acrobatics

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Special physical training of acrobats should be aimed at mastering the exercises of balance and vaulted nature. In order to achieve this target, this study was conducted to determine the relationship between physical fitness indicators and the quality of the basic exercises of balance and vaulted nature in bottom partners of female couples. As a result of the study, it was found that a strong relationship with the vaulting exercise has a jump up and a long jump. These indicators determine the speed-strength fitness of the bottom acrobatics. The greatest interconnection with the technique of performing balance exercises has the exercise of hanging on bent arms, which characterizes static strength endurance. The data, obtained as a result of the correlation analysis, allow us to recommend bottom acrobats to increase the efficiency of performing balance and vaulted exercises, mainly include physical strength endurance exercises and exercises aimed at developing speed-strength fitness in physical training.


Sports acrobatics, bottom partners of female couples, special physical training, balance and vaulted exercises

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