Implementation experience of university physical education under quarantine restrictions with the use of DLT

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The article reflects the problems and solutions to strengthening the health of medical students, the main reserve of Russian health care, is of a strategic nature for the state, society and doctors. The introduced regime of self-isolation actually limited physical activity in the open air, on sports grounds, and, therefore, the only place where one could practice was the student's place of residence. The students’ transition to distance learning is characterized by an increase in the time spent at the computer, which negatively affects their physical condition. A sedentary lifestyle and a low level of physical performance have an adverse effect on the health of young men and women, well-being and quality of life. Self-isolation causes additional stress and jeopardizes the psychological and somatic health of young people. We have proposed a number of innovative approaches to organizing and filling the educational process in the context of using distance learning technologies.


Distance learning, students' health, educational technologies, physical education

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