Organization and History of Administrative and Police Accounting of the Population of Russia in the XVIII – First Half of the XIX Centuries

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Th is article is devoted to the organization and development of administrative and police accounting in the Russian Empire in the XVIII – fi rst half of the XIX centuries. Administrative and police accounting was to determine the population in the period between the audits conducted in the state. Th e materials of this population accounting were based on the materials of the audit and church records, so the administrative and police accounting was not independent. At the end of the XIX century, administrative and police accounting was almost the only one that took into account the population of Russia. Despite the shortcomings, this type of accounting gave close to real fi gures, which was confi rmed by the results of the demographic census of 1897.


Administrative and police records, church records, audit, population, province.

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IDR: 148322485   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V9276.21.04.P.068

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