Basic financial and commercial aspects of premier-league clubs works

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The article presents the results of research and information about the organization of Russian football championship, contained in the official (IOC materials, regional and international federations in sports, reports of competitions, etc.), including the factors and processes that determine the characteristics of sports competitions system and the main trends in the functioning of the sphere of sports in general. A financial study of the profitability of the teams of the Russian Football Premier- League is conducted. The role of competitions in the structuring of the system of components that make up the sphere of sport and the current situation, characterized by the activation of differentiation of currents in sports of the highest achievements, is determined. The main points reflecting the features of the preparation and holding of the Russian football championship are presented. The main financial and commercial aspects of the work of the Premier League clubs are considered.


Differentiation, field of sports, organizational aspects, financial and commercial aspects, the sponsors

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