Features of microbial communities in zonal soils of the arid zone south-east of the European part of Russia

Автор: German Nadejda Valerievna, Ivantsova Elena Anatolyevna, Kholodenko Anna Viktorovna

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Рубрика: Экология и природопользование

Статья в выпуске: 3 т.7, 2017 года.

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Ensuring sustainable functioning of agricultural systems in arid conditions remains an urgent problem of rational nature management for the South-East of the European part of Russia. This is confirmed by the agricultural specialization of the RF subjects located in this region, including the Volgograd region. The lower Volga region is the most” fragile “ territory of the European part of the arid zone of Russia. The article deals with the peculiarities of formation of soil microbial communities taking into account the specifics of natural and climatic conditions of the arid zone. The importance of research data on the characteristics of the microbial community of the soil in the regulation of the functioning of agrocenoses arid zone. Conditionally prevailing in a zone of distribution of zonal soils of arid zone of the Southeast of the European part of Russia microorganisms can be attributed on their specific accessory to three of the main functional groups (ecological niches). The selected groups have a certain list of species that implement appropriate environmental strategies, which determines the metabolism of biocenoses of the arid zone of the Lower Volga region. A detailed research of these groups of microorganisms will unify the definition of the dynamics of communities and predict changes in the structure and activity of the whole biocenosis. Including changes related to directional effects in the target groups of microorganisms. Also relevant is the study of elements of biocenoses in the complex of relationships between key participants (soil microbiota, flora, entomofauna). It is equally important to take into account the relationship with groups of factors that form and influence the interaction within biocenoses, including arid conditions on the border of conditionally natural steppe biocenoses and agrocenoses.


Volgograd state university

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IDR: 149131427   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu11.2017.3.4

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