Features of shaping training with mature women

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The article presents a wellness technique of group shaping trainings of individually differentiated orientation for women aged 21-55. The initial level of physical development and functional state of women of the first (21-35 years old) and second (36-55 years old) period of adulthood was revealed. During the pedagogical experiment, a nine-month macrocycle of health shaping training was implemented using three motor programs - aerobic, strength and combined orientation. Criteria of individualization and differentiation of the training and health-improving process are defined, motor programs of various target orientations are developed with an optimal selection of means, methods, and parameters of physical activity based on the specific features of the morphofunctional state of women of different periods of adulthood. The effectiveness of the health-improving method of constructing group shaping training for mature women has been established, which is confirmed by statistically significant (p


Recovery, adulthood, women, training process, technique, shaping, somatic health

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