Peculiarities of sensomotor reactions of junior schoolchildren with different degrees of hearing impairments

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The goal of the paper is to study sensomotor reactions of schoolchildren with different levels of hearing impairments. 62 boys aged 8 - 12 took part in the experiment. They were pupils of a special correction boarding school of the I-II type and the Krasnodar secondary comprehensive school № 43. A simple visual-motor reaction, a choice and difference, a reaction to a moving object were used for the characteristics of the functional condition of the sensomotor system. The testing of sensomotor reactions was carried out оn the software complex «NS-Psychotest». This research study shows that children with different levels of the hearing have the low speed of the sensomotor reaction, unbalanced nervous processes with the predominating inhibition, weakness and inactiveness of the nervous system.


School age, different degrees of hearing, sensomotor reactions

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