Features of content and loads of fitness programs of different directions

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In modern society, mature women due to their functions are the least physically active part of the adult population, componenting the main intellectual potential of the state.Lack of motor activity of mature women leads not only to overweight, lower overall performance and endurance, but also to the development of various diseases. Experts connect the solution of this problem with systematic use of physical education taking into account meeting of their needs, features and preferences.Currently, fitness is very popular among women of mature age. At the same time, experts count about 200 different fitness programs, which are born out in practice at present. Classes during which they are implemented, significantly differ from each other in the composition of the exercises, targeted focus, task intensity, mechanisms for the primary energy supply of the performed work, dos-age of exercises and rest, which makes their complex use dificult.In this regard, the priority task of this study consisted in the determination of specific features of content and loads of specific fitness programs of difierent directions.To solve this problem, the following research methods were used: stating pedagogical experiment, pedagogical observation, timekeeping, heart rate monitoring.The study established the indicators reflecting the specific features of such programs, related to different areas of fitness, like classes on fitness equipment, classical aerobics, power aerobics, functional training, fitness yoga.It seems obvious that the information obtained makes it possible to develop individual programs for fitness classes for women of a mature age, adequate to their individual target settings based on a combination of means of different areas of fitness.


Women, mature age, fitness programs, fitness directions, content, load

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