Implementing the principles of a just social state: the context of overcoming corruption

Автор: Naberushkina Elmira K., Sudorgin Oleg A.

Журнал: Теория и практика общественного развития @teoria-practica

Рубрика: Социология

Статья в выпуске: 10, 2023 года.

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The article is aimed at examining the problem of corruption; it presents an analysis of the theoretical basis of sociological science for interpreting this phenomenon as anomie and a destabilizing factor in the development of the state and society. The relevance of the article is determined by the complex situation in society in this regard, the entrenchment of corruption in the Russian society. Results of a pilot survey of citizens’ opinion on the causes of corruption and necessary measures to counteract it are presented. The main fields of distribution of corrupt practices and the degree of involvement of citizens in deviant schemes were recorded. It is revealed that with a generally negative attitude of citizens towards corruption, they still express a weak willingness to counteract it and allow themselves the opportunity to be a subject of corruption relations and use such practices for personal purposes, if it helps them solve issues that are significant for them. Conclusion dwells upon the fact that in order to improve the situation in society, it is necessary to strive to get rid of the indicated contradiction.


Corruption, anti-corruption, deviation, public welfare, welfare state

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IDR: 149143280   |   DOI: 10.24158/tipor.2023.10.5

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