Reflection of the phenomenon of lucid dreaming in the novella by ivan turgenev "Dream" And in the story by V. Bryusov "Now, when i woke up"

Автор: Shorina E.V.

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The article investigates the reflection of the phenomenon of lucid dreaming in two works of I. Turgenev and V. Bryusov. The authors consider in force of historical conditionality use different methods that reflect the contradictory inner world of heroes, generating amazing phenomena or events. In these stories, lucid dreaming lead to negative consequences in the lives of the characters. Turgenev in the novel "The Dream" uses the sci-fi element that shows the inner feelings of the hero inducing lucid dreaming and eventually madness. Bryusov in the story "Now, when I woke up" uses lucid dreaming to reflect the psychological state of the hero, who cannot live by the moral laws of society. This problem leads to the madness of the hero, and lucid dreaming, which it considers the only way to live - in the murder.


Turgenev, fantastic, lucid dreams, madness, supernatural, bryusov

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