Attacking activities parameters in the modern men's handball and the degree of their achievement by team Russia (following the results of the XIV European Championship of 2020)

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Relevance. The basic prerequisite for the effective management of the process of sports training in any sport is the availability of information on the components and parameters that determine the sports result. The source of relevant information is the largest official sports competitions, including the European Championships. The subject of our study was the game’s attacking indicators of competitive activity, demonstrated by the strongest men’s handball teams at the XIV European Championship, held from January 9 to 26, 2020. Research aim. The research aim is the formation of a set of game parameters for the attacking activity of highly qualified men’s teams that statistically significantly determine the final sports result of the strongest national teams in modern handball. The implementation of this goal was associated with the following tasks: 1.To identify the basic parameters of the attacking activity of men’s handball teams, which determine the final sports result at the largest international competitions at the present stage of the development of handball...


Modern men's handball, international competitions, parameters of attacking activity, sports result, russian team

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