Prospects of restoration of the Russian and Ukrainian border cooperation: territorial and economic aspects

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At the present time the problem of Russian-Ukrainian relations has a particular relevance. Trade and economic cooperation is a priority area of the economic cooperation between Russia and Ukraine. These relationships are necessary as according to some historical reasons, certain manufacturing processes and corresponding productive forces in these countries are absent. Accordingly, interaction and collaboration contributes to providing production processes of these countries with various technologies. The presence of multi-level cooperative relations, common scientific and technological capabilities and methods of management determine the presence of a strong strategic component of the Ukrainian-Russian partnership. The main and most promising areas of trade and economic relations are the transport machinery, metallurgy, power engineering, chemical industry, food processing. Political relations between two neighboring countries are in a strained state. Experts develop diverse scenarios of the situation up to the radical ones. However, there are points of view that the Ukrainian and Russian economic and political mutually beneficial cooperation will be realized.


Russian federation, ukraine, cross-border cooperation, industry, agriculture, european union, investment, scenarios, power engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry, transport machine construction

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