Preparation of elementary and secondary school children to the RLD performance on tutor guide basis

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The article deals with tutoring, from the point of view of mentoring for schoolchildren in the process of preparing to pass the standards of the RLD complex. The developed method allows high school students to actively express themselves, project their motivation to successfully pass the standards and attract younger students to successfully pass the RLD standards. The authors, having developed a methodology for preparing students to pass the RLD standards on the basis of tutoring, smoothly connected the physical education classes to the program, without withdrawing at a separate time, without training participants to pass the RLD standards. In the process of interaction between students of different ages, positive motivation, friendly relationships are formed, and the base of theoretical and practical foundations of physical education is expanded. The method aimed at preparing for the RLD standards performance, based on the teacher - tutor - student scheme, is a multi-stage in the process of helping and the student and controlling his achievements.


Students, tutoring, tutor, school children, training

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