Political blackmail - the eve of the global catastrophe

Автор: Osipov Gennadii Vasilevich

Журнал: Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast @volnc-esc-en

Рубрика: Theoretical issues

Статья в выпуске: 4 (34) т.7, 2014 года.

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The article by the leading Russian sociologist and political scientist, who has been studying Russia-U.S. relations for decades, raises an acute issue concerning the necessity of immediate cessation of confrontation between the U.S. and Russia and transition to joint control over the processes going on in the world, and establishment of the multipolar model of the global community. The author provides numerous examples of interaction between the superpowers and the newly emerged countries, former Soviet republics; he shows that particular threat comes from the quasi-states of the former USSR, who seek to fuel the U.S.-Russian confrontation for their own selfish purposes. This policy was manifested especially clearly in the actions of the “Maidan” authorities in Ukraine, who launched the armed terror against its own people in the East of the country to accommodate the U.S. interests and the NATO alliance controlled by this country. The author believes that the response of Russia to such hostile actions of the USA and their Ukrainian proteges should be adequate; it should be composed and peacekeeping, but when the “red” line is crossed - hard and adamant...


Globalization, confrontation, intergovernmental relations, threat to the world, catastrophe, mythology, blackmail, superpowers, self-sufficiency, sanctions, aggression, partnership development, convergence, messianism, well-being, tradition, culture, paradigm


Короткий адрес: https://sciup.org/147223625

IDR: 147223625   |   DOI: 10.15838/esc/2014.4.34.3

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  • In this connection we should recall the series of meetings that were held November 28-29, 2013 in Sochi by Russian President V.V. Putin and the developers and manufacturers of extremely-precise weapons. They set a clear task to ensure supply of a sufficient number of weapons in the Armed Forces as soon as possible, which would make Russia invulnerable to any aggression.
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