Production of food systems with functional focus based on use of soy component

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The aim of the work was the development and demonstration of the basic structural scheme of obtaining nutritional systems of functional focus. As a consequence of the accomplished work, the formalized scheme of transformation methods for supplementation of nutritional systems with functional food ingredients (FFI) has been reached. Initial stage of supplementation begins with saturation of nutritional systems based on raw material or semi-finished product with valuable substances by uptaking of FFI (absorption, adsorption etc.) and also by extraction of them from nutritional system (dissolution, extraction, crystallization). It could be achieved by kinetic transformation (biological, biochemical, biophysical, etc.). Physical transformation based on concentration (thermal, mechanical) also contributes to saturation through processes of drying, evaporation, extraction, adding and other. The formalized structural and functional model for obtaining nutritional systems saturated through the propitious way of transformation with soy-based food additives has been developed. This model includes consecutive stages of saturation for a nutritional system by absorption, dehydration, extraction and other processes. The implementation of these processes is described by a system of equations that characterize the nutritional system as sequentially saturated by FFI that could be provided continuously or discretely up to their significant quantities. As an example of application of biotechnological transformation on the base of the developed model of saturation by FFI for a nutritional system, the process of obtaining a saturating food additive on the base of germinated soy raw materials is described in the work. In this case, saturation with dietary fiber and mineral substances proceeds at the stage of germination in a mineralized aquatic environment during the swelling of soybean, as well as during the process of its drying. As an example of physicochemical transformation and saturation of the nutritional system with dietary fiber, the disintegration-extraction process that is used during the preparation of products with application of coagulation of protein substances in the aquatic environment is presented. Thus, the saturation of the nutritional system could be determined by using FFI (dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc.) describing the process of natural or artificial saturation in the process of biotechnological and physicochemical transformation.


Basic structural scheme, nutritional system, biotechnological, physicochemical, kinetic, transformation, structural and functional model, equation, saturation, ingredient, dietary fiber, minerals

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IDR: 147236430   |   DOI: 10.14529/food220108

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