Increase in system effectiveness of quality management of the enterprise in the conditions of financial crisis

Автор: Akhmedova Milena Rasulovna, Golovan Irina Igorevna

Журнал: Региональная экономика. Юг России @re-volsu

Рубрика: Инновационный вектор развития предприятий Юга России

Статья в выпуске: 2 (16), 2017 года.

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Authors of article have generalized scientific approaches to formation of the economic mechanism of management of efficiency of systems of management of quality at the enterprise. The considered model of efficiency considers the crisis phenomena in economy of Russia taking into account toughening of requirements to level of production. The important place in article is taken by the analysis of the factors determining the level of system effectiveness of management of the organization. It is proved that the movement of the organization in the direction of increase in system effectiveness of quality management reduces sharpness of problems in crisis conditions, bringing her to a course of preservation and increase in a share of the market, promoting increase in profit and search of essentially new business opportunities of the organization. The problems constraining active introduction and use of system of quality management at the Russian enterprises are revealed; are offered to realization of an action, directed to prevention of the collected problems...


Quality management system, quality management, business management, economic crisis, effective functioning of the enterprise, management efficiency

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IDR: 149131174   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.2.14

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