Improving the quality of life of the population by implementing the social functions of the state in the Russian Federation

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Improving the quality of life of the population has always been a priority direction of state policy of the world's states. This statement applies only to those countries that implement the functions of the welfare state. Lorenz von Stein, who initiated this trend, did not expect that his words would become so widespread and be considered at such a level. This article is devoted to the consideration of how the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of the population in the Russian Federation is ensured. Various institutions of social orientation are considered: support for motherhood and childhood, guarantees of the minimum wage, social support for the most vulnerable groups of the population, labor protection. The author analyzes each of these institutions, studies their legal basis and the actual nature of implementation, compares the current social policy of Russia with the general trends in the field of social security in the world.


Social state, improving the quality of life, state pensions, social support, maternity capital

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