Legal problems of registration of ownership of shared construction objects

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Purpose: The purpose of this article is to analyze the legal problems of registration of ownership of shared construction objects from the perspective of recent changes in the current legislation. The author uses the comparative legal method of existing legal acts and legal doctrine. Methodology: Various methods of scientific identification were used in the article. In particular, comparative, historical, analytical and other methods were used. Results: According to the results of the study the author made the following conclusions. Participation in equity construction of housing provided an opportunity for residents of the Russian Federation to purchase housing without the risks inherent in contracts of sale of secondary real estate. The Institute of state registration of the equity participation agreement deprived unscrupulous market participants of the possibility of re-sale of apartments. Novelty/originality/value: The Author comes to the conclusion that the constant improvement of legislation in the field of shared construction and similar areas, as shown by the analysis of recent changes in the field of registration of ownership of objects of shared construction, contributes to the proper legal regulation in this area.


Equity construction, risks, legislation, developer, registration of property rights, real estate object, shareholder

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