Roller drawing application for production of simple and shaped profiles from hard-to-form alloys

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Titanium alloys and high-alloy stainless steels are quite problematic to process by drawing in monolithic dies. This is due to the features of sliding friction at the tool-work material contact and the presence of a pulling force applied to the front end of the wire during plastic deformation. During deformation, titanium alloys are strongly hardened with a loss of plastic properties. This necessitates the use of frequent intermediate anneals. This necessitates the use of frequent intermediate anneals. Roller drawing can be considered as one of the promising directions for improving the technology of manufacturing wire and shaped profiles from hard-to-form alloys. In this work, tools and technologies are being developed that ensure the production of simple and shaped profiles from hard-to-deform alloys by roller drawing. Designs of roller dies with pairs of horizontal and vertical rollers displaced along the drawing axis are proposed and presented, which make it possible to produce wire of simple and shaped profiles with a diameter of 0.5 to 12.0 mm. In the roller dies of the presented design, it is possible to obtain round, rectangular, hexagonal and other types of profiles, including shaped ones. For this, the calibrations “circle - oval - circle”, “circle - diamond - smooth barrel” and others can be used. Shown are technological solutions for the manufacture of a hexagonal profile S = 2.2 mm from a workpiece of hard-to-deform alloys AISI 316, 1 AISI 304, Ti3Al5Mo5V of various diameters. To increase the service life of the dies, the rollers made of heat-treated steel of the Kh12MF grade are recommended to be strengthened by applying a functional coating made of WC-10Co-4Cr alloy on the working surface by detonation spraying followed by melting of this layer with a laser. Studies carried out on the samples showed a sevenfold increase in wear resistance compared to similar ones subjected only to the traditional for X162CrMoV12 heat treatment in the form of quenching and tempering.


Roller die, wire, shaped profile, drawing, hard-to-form alloy, drawing mill

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IDR: 147236543   |   DOI: 10.14529/met210406

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