Problems in intercultural communications for students in Vietnam

Автор: Ta Tri Duc, Le Tieu Ngoc Lien, Phan Minh Ha

Журнал: Форум молодых ученых @forum-nauka

Статья в выпуске: 4 (56), 2021 года.

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This study will focus on intercultural communication problems between Vietnamese and English speakers. In reality, there seem to be two major sources of problems. First is the foreign language itself, as well as the distinction between the mother tongue and the foreign language; second is culture, which determines communication. The goal of this study is to identify problematic areas in the English and Vietnamese languages that could lead to misunderstandings and to find out which of these areas is causing the most serious communication problems for Vietnamese students. This study is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical segment will discuss intercultural contact, its context, and its challenges. The theoretical section will conclude with a brief overview of the key areas of language that can cause misunderstandings or difficulties during communication and learning English as a foreign language. The practical part, using a questionnaire, determines which area is the most difficult for students.


Intercultural communication, cross-cultural communication, problems for students, communication, vietnamese students

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IDR: 140288522   |   DOI: 10.46566/2500-4050_2021_56_27

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