Problems and prospects of physical culture in universities

Автор: Nosov Stanislav Andreevich, Nasonov Alexey Evgenyevich, Zhuravlev Alexander Alexandrovich

Журнал: Автономия личности @avtonomiya-lichnosti

Рубрика: Актуальные проблемы безопасности личности, общества и государства

Статья в выпуске: 1 (24), 2021 года.

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This article discusses the current problems of the organization of physical culture in various higher educational institutions and ways to overcome them, as well as promising ways to develop this discipline. Physical training in physical education is the most important and priority direction in the development of modern students. Therefore, in addition to practical classes conducted in accordance with the curriculum, much attention should be paid to optional and independent physical training of students. In this regard, higher education organizations should actively promote a healthy lifestyle by all participants of the educational process in order to attract students to independent physical training and sports sections in applied and game sports. This approach to improving the physical fitness of students in higher education institutions will contribute to physical education and healthy lifestyle.


Education, physical culture, physical education, training, healthy lifestyle

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