Prevention of injuries of cadets of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in physical training classes

Автор: Panferov Roman Gennadyevich

Журнал: Автономия личности @avtonomiya-lichnosti

Рубрика: Физическая культура и здоровье человека

Статья в выпуске: 3 (26), 2021 года.

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The article is devoted to the prevention of injuries of cadets in physical training classes. Special attention is paid to the problem of proper training and training of police officers always remains relevant. So one of the components in a large list of subjects is physical training. It occupies one of the main places in the professional training of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, it solves the task of forming special knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary for the effective solution of service-applied tasks when performing their official duties by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in their professional activities. The article considers the special importance of injury prevention to prevent its violation in physical training classes with cadets and students in educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia


Physical training, injury prevention, training process, cadet, damage, competent organization.

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