Forecasting social problems and phobias in colonies-settlements on the Moon

Автор: Danilova M.R., Kazakova E.D., Kozyrev N.A., Neizvestny S.I.

Журнал: Креативная экономика и социальные инновации @cesi-journal

Статья в выпуске: 4 (37) т.11, 2021 года.

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The theme of space settlements in the current century is moving from the field of science fiction to the field of real practical activities of mankind. As a result of the analysis of the literature and their own research, the authors come to the conclusion: when forming teams of space settlements, in addition to the established professional, physiological, and psychological requirements, it makes sense to pay attention to the assessment of such indicators as IQ and EQ, taking into account their gender characteristics. When forming settlement teams, it is not necessary to include people with extremely high IQ scores, but it is mandatory to select people with a high level of emotional maturity EQ. It is shown that the social problems of space settlements can be more significant in comparison with technical, technological, resource-providing problems. Social problems can lead to a violation of the safety of the life of the settlement and to its complete self-destruction.


Intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, social stability, gender landscape, moon colonization

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