Production of compound feed for dairy cows based on the effective use of the feed additive

Автор: Alimkulov zheksenkuL. S., Zhumalieva Gulzhan E., Fazylova Kuldarikha N., Shauliyeva Kyzdygoy T., Amantayeva Azhar A.

Журнал: Вестник Южно-Уральского государственного университета. Серия: Пищевые и биотехнологии @vestnik-susu-food

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The modern system of complete nutrition for farm animals implies a scientifically based balancing of feeding rations for nutrients, energy, macro, microelements and vitamins. According to numerous studies, it has been established that the productivity of farm animals, including dairy cows, is most influenced by the provision of their full-fledged feed. This is achieved due to the balanced diet for animals. The demand of animal husbandry for compound feeds is very high. Concentrated (grain) feeds, when fed to animals in a separate form, do not satisfy the nutritional needs of the animal body, since they do not contain a complete set of the required nutrients. To increase the efficiency of the use of feed resources in the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is advisable to replace concentrated feed with compound feeds. An important source of various nutrients for farm animals are secondary resources of processing industries: corn feed, corn gyuleten, beet pulp, molasses, meal and cake. A variety of biologically active substances are being actively introduced into the practice of feeding, including preparations of pro- and prebiotic action, designed to increase the productivity of animals. In recipes for feed additives for dairy cows, the content of wheat bran is up to 53.9 %, corn feed - 8 %, soybean meal - 5 %, molasses from 5 to 10 %, feed zeolite - 5 %, dry beet pulp - up to 15 %, table salt - 2 % and a preparation of probiotic action - 0.1 %. The inclusion of a feed additive in the diets in an amount in the diets of a feed additive in an amount of 20 and 25 % by weight in the composition of feed instead of the grain part for dairy cows has a positive effect on feed intake, helps to increase milk productivity up to 6.2-7.2 % by 4 .8-5.6 % compared with the control group.


Technology, compound feed, additive, corn feed, meal, cake, zeomet, molasses, productivity

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IDR: 147236423   |   DOI: 10.14529/food220113

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