Playing face-offs between highly qualified teams in floorbal

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The article presents data on the use of the face-off in games of highly qualified floorball teams. Based on the analysis of 24 matches of the 2015 world floorball championship, quantitative and qualitative indicators of playing the face-offs by floorball players of national teams of the world were determined. It was revealed that during the group stage games, 16 national teams played face-offs 367 times. On average, there were 15.3 contested situations per game at the 2015 world championship. It is revealed that the effectiveness of this component of the game depends largely on the place that the team occupies in the final table of ranks. Analysis of the game activity allowed us to determine the features that should be taken into account by the field player who stands at the point of face-off in the floorball.


Team game sports, floorball, face-off, quality, efficiency, competitive process

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