Psychopathological differentiation of depersonalization disorders in the endogenous depression

Автор: Demeneva Anna A., Retyunsky Konstantin Yu.

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Objective was - to identify the psychopathological structure of endogenous depressions with depersonalization disorders, to develop their typology, to develop the connection of the phenomena of depersonalization with other psychopathological phenomena. Material and methods. A study was conducted between 2006 and 2014 on the base of department for the study of endogenous mental disorders and affective states of the scientific center of mental health and at the department of psychiatry. As the criterion of the selection of patients the presence of depersonalization disorders in the clinical picture of the endogenous depressions served (F31-34). With clinical-psychopathological and clinical-catamnestic methods 57 patients were examined (38 women and 19 men). The mean age of patients up to the moment of examination was 36.9±13.0 years. Results. Depending on the clinical-dynamic characteristics of the depersonalization disorders within the framework of endogenous depressions 3 typological variants of the states being investigated were isolated: paroxysmal, protracted and chronic.


Endogenous depression, depersonalization, typology, dynamic

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