Development of the methodical approach to estimation of intellectual property, created by state contracts

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The methodical approach to the intellectual property evaluation of created under the state contracts on performance of research, developmental and technological works evaluation is offered. The creation of intellectual property is an integral part of the activities of space industry organizations. It is high-tech and innovation-oriented. The intellectual property evaluation is complicated by the inapplicability of the market and comparative approach in its pure form. Apply the cost-based approach to evaluation, but not always it gives an objective picture. It is reasonable to evaluate the results of intellectual activity comprehensively, combining different approaches. Take into account not only the costs of the intellectual property development, but also its qualitative characteristics, the role in the creating innovation process. A cost estimate was proposed to adjust by the object nature and its importance for the solution of technical problems and the achievement of economic indicators. It is necessary to supplement the cost estimate with a qualitative assessment. The significance of the intellectual activity result is proposed to determine using the Hierarchies method (two-level model). The proposed approach allows us to bring the value of intellectual property to market value, if the traditional comparative approach of determining the value can not be applied due to the specificity and originality of the evaluated intellectual activity result results.


Evaluation, intellectual property, the result of intellectual activity, R&D

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IDR: 14114757   |   DOI: 10.26732/2618-7957-2018-1-61-64