Development of the method for biomechanical disorders correction of the pelvic region using the original method of biofeedback

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The article analyzes the physiological prerequisites for the formation of persistent biomechanical rearrangements in individuals experiencing long-term static loads and stereotypical repetitive actions. The main factors of formation of biomechanical rearrangements in modern people are given. Visual criteria for changes in the musculoskeletal system in individuals with biomechanics disorders are described. An overview of the most common muscle-tonic rearrangements of the pelvic region is given. The description of the methods of correction of biomechanical disorders on the basis of biological feedback is highlighted. An original method of correction of biomechanical changes in the pelvic region in individuals experiencing long-term static loads is presented. Methods based on biofeedback are described. An original device for implementing a correction method based on biofeedback is presented. Conclusions about the potential positive effect of the method on the static dynamic indicators of pelvic region biomechanics are made. The advantages of the original correction method are noted.


Biofeedback, biomechanics of pelvic region, correction of static-dynamic disorders

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