Implementation of cultural and educational activity in tourism

Автор: Lebedeva Olga, Lebedev Konstantin, Lukanova Natalia

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Рубрика: Общество и сервис: современные проблемы

Статья в выпуске: 4 (65), 2016 года.

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It has been established that tourism in our country largely became a type of commercial activity, opportunities to visit other countries have been opened, up-market tourism has been developed, and new forms of leisure entertainment have emerged. System analysis of domestic and foreign scientific literature has shown that the cultural and educational potential of tourism is realized not enough in Russia. Development of appropriate structural and functional model of the implementation of cultural and educational tourism potential is possible through the integration of a number of theoretical and applied experience in the neighboring areas, namely in the history and theory of cultural and entertainment activities and organization of tourism activity. The assumption about the feasibility of functional integration of the two certain systems (cultural and educational, and commercial) is made in the article. This assumption actualizes the problem of determining the specifics of this integration, argues its theoretical basis and identifies functional mechanisms of serviceology. Within the framework of pilot study verification of the structural-functional model of tourism development in three aspects was carried out. The first and second aspects, organizational-managerial, and functional, are connected with decision through the entertainment programs, advertising and PR activities, and cultural and educational events. The third aspect, organizational and educational, consists in integration of cognitive-educational, entertainment and recreational leisure functions.


Tourism, politics, culture, service, transformation, recreation, youth

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IDR: 140208443   |   DOI: 10.12737/20184

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