Relaxation and coordination abilities of young runners for short distances

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The role of relaxation in various types of sports activities, especially those requiring manifestations of maximum power, such as track and field sprinting, is very large. Basically, the problem of relaxation is studied for qualified athletes, although its significance for young athletes is also great. At the same time, the influence of relaxation techniques on step indices during running has been little studied. This circumstance does not allow substantiating the guidelines for the use of relaxation in the training process of short-distance runners. The purpose of this work was to assess the effect of the relaxation technique on changing the characteristics of the running step with increasing fatigue. In the process of performing a test run at 100 m, such indicators as the reference and unsupported time, the frequency and length of steps, the speed of running at 40-50 and at 80-90 meters of the distance were evaluated. For relaxation, the effect of a relaxing mixture of essential oils was used. It was established that the relaxation effect reduces the changes in the parameters of the running step that occur when fatigue increases at the end of the distance. The nature of these changes may indicate improved coordination capabilities and the economization of the muscle system.


Young short-distance runners, relaxation, coordination, essential oils, indicators of running step

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