Determination as a system basis of psychological readiness

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The article is dedicated to the psychological analysis of determination as a system basis of psychological readiness of a subject. Represented the place of determination in the structure of psychological readiness. Given a positive definition of determination. Described the substantial and energetical content of determination. Revealed the conditions of the formation and development of determination. Described the motivational dispositions of determination. Set out the vectors of analysis of determination in the branches of psychological science.

Psychological readiness, determination, solution, substantial content of determination, energetical content of determination, motivational dispositions of determination, conflict experience, orientation in conflict, transformation of conflict, negotiation of conflict, resolution of conflict, originality of information, uncertainty of information, elasticity of information, ambivalence of information, interest, understanding, obsession, catharsis, responsibility


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IDR: 148309712   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V925X.19.01.P.049

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