Rooting stimulation of “Victoria” and “Korinka russkaya” grape hardwood cuttings as influenced by potassium salt of indolyl-3-acetic acid (KIAA)

Автор: Shaimaa Shaimaa H., Shalamova Anna A., Abramov Aleksandr G.

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Relevance. Applying exogenous auxins to the cuttings of grapevines is a common practice in viticulture to improve the rooting process. The potassium salt formulations of auxins have been documented to be more, less, or equally efficient as acid formulations in rooting stimulation of cuttings depending on the genetic features of the plant, type and concentration of auxin, type of cuttings, and many other factors. Methods. The present study aimed at evaluating the effect of potassium salt of indolyl-3-acetic acid (KIAA) on rooting of the hardwood cuttings of two grape cultivars namely, Korinka russkaya and Victoria, which are commonly planted by grape growers of the Tatarstan Republic. The study was conducted in 2018 and 2019 under hydroponic conditions in a controlled-environment growth chamber in Kazan State Agrarian University. The cuttings were treated with 1) KIAA at two concentrations (5,000 and 10,000) ppm; 2) β-indolyl-butyric acid (IBA) 3,000 ppm (as a check treatment) and 3) distilled water as a control...


Hardwood cuttings, grape cultivars, rooting, plant growth regulators, potassium salt of auxins, treatment

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IDR: 140248051   |   DOI: 10.18619/2072-9146-2020-1-70-73

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