Selection of orbital objects by multi-zone optoelectronic means of passive optical location

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To solve the problems of detecting, tracking, and selecting objects of rocket and space technology in a complex phono-target environment, modern optoelectronic devices (OES) almost universally use such a description of objects (a set of processed signals), which contains only a limited number of distinctive features. The selection of features that most significantly distinguish this class of objects is the most important task in the development of OES. Therefore, when developing new and improving existing OES, it is very important to select the minimum number of features that provide the specified indicators of the quality of this system, but don't complicate their design, thus don't reduce the reliability of the systems and don't increase the cost of their production and operation.


Optoelectronic means, orbital target, selective features

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IDR: 148322459   |   DOI: 10.25586/RNU.V9187.21.03.P.061

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