Systematic review of resource-saving technologies, problems of greening the reduction of food waste

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Currently, promising technological solutions for the management of food waste, prevention of their formation and greening of production have been developed in world practice. However, incineration and landfill burial are still the most common in most countries of the world, including Russia. The use of technological and eco-friendly processing methods is limited, and is not widely used for one reason or another. The purpose of this review is to analyze existing technological solutions for resource conservation and reduction of food waste generation, as well as to consider the problems of greening food systems. The presented systematic review uses 21 publications selected from the Scopus, Google Scholar, Science Direct, and RSCI databases in the period 2011-2022. The technologies of waste processing and recycling of food waste, including: separate collection and sorting; reuse as secondary raw materials; production of non-food products with added value; thermal disposal; burial. Having analyzed the most common processing technologies, the history and ways of their implementation, promising directions for further research were formed. The analysis of technical literature and publication activity on the main databases indicates the relevance of the development of resource-saving technologies, the search for solutions to the problems of greening and reducing the formation of food waste. The critical importance of the system of separate collection of household and food waste for the implementation of environmentally friendly and economically feasible technological solutions for their processing is shown. The results of the review will reveal new directions for the development of resource-saving technologies using the experience of international and Russian scientific groups.


Resource saving, food waste, expired products, recycling and processing technologies, separate collection, greening, food systems, biological safety, storage, raw materials

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IDR: 147241709   |   DOI: 10.14529/food230301

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