Lubricanting & deoxidizing materials and equipment for their injection in pipe-rolling plant equipped with continuous mills

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The most important task of increasing the pipe production efficiency is improving the quality of manufactured products along with keeping an economy regime and maximizing the use of available funds. In this regard, further development and improvement of hot metal working processes are directly related to the study of contact interaction conditions of “tool-deformable metal”. First of all, a detailed study of the contact interaction is necessary for developing advanced deformation modes, calculating the strength of rolling equipment, as well as assessing the effectiveness of a particular deforming process in terms of energy consumption and environmental safety. Modern lubricating and deoxidizing materials separate contact surfaces, improve the quality and operational reliability of finished products. Producing pipes of crucial function is the key task for the hot metal deformation sphere because of the high quality requirements in specific markets. The markets are the oil, automotive, machine tool and mechanical engineering industries. The high wear rate of the rolling tool does not ensure the required quality of the products. This problem has been become more significant recently due to hardening temperature and deformation conditions in the production of thin-walled pipes from special alloys and stainless steels. The production and use of the lubricating and deoxidizing materials in the hot metal working processes may contribute a lot in finding solutions for the tasks above. Significant advantage can be made in pipe quality, production cost reducing, intensifying deformation processes if the modern high-technological lubricating and deoxidizing materials and modern equipment for their injection are used.


Production of seamless hot-rolled pipes, lubricating & deoxidizing materials, quality of inner surface, mandrel durability, equipment for processing the inner surface of a hollow shell

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IDR: 147233981   |   DOI: 10.14529/met210204

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