Socio-cultural approach to theoretical and methodological justification for physical education

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The article presents the results of a long-term theoretical and methodological study on the design of the content, directions, methods and means of healthy forming education on the basis of a social and cultural approach to the organization of the pedagogical process. In particular, the essential content and peculiarities of sociocultural phenomena «health», «lifestyle» and «healthy lifestyle» as objects of psychological and pedagogical research have been clarified. They clarify the concept of «physical education» and the concepts that describe its components («health culture», «movement culture», and «body culture»). As a result of the training of physical education as a social and cultural phenomenon, a new state of personality «sports and health competence» is formed. In order to use the proposed terms in the analysis of educational practice in the field of physical education, qualitative evaluation characteristics of formation of readiness for physical education activity have been formulated.


Physical education, healthy lifestyle, sports and health competence

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