Vascular plexus and brain microcirculation in high altitude craniocerebral injury

Автор: Shuvalova M.S., Shanazarov A.S., Shidakov

Журнал: Ульяновский медико-биологический журнал @medbio-ulsu

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Статья в выпуске: 4, 2020 года.

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Mountains occupy about 24 % of the land surface. There are significant natural resources here, the development of which is associated with an increased traumatic risks. Craniocerebral injuries in the mountains are very frequent, and microvascular dysfunction, as under ordinary conditions, is a key element in the chain of events in the central nervous system. However, there are very few data on vascular plexuses and brain microcirculation in craniocerebral injury that occurs in the mountains. The aim of the study is to reveal the patterns in remodeling of vascular plexuse and main elements of brain microcirculation in craniocerebral injury that occurs in the mountains. Materials and Methods. The study enrolled 46 white outbred male laboratory rats (210-270 g) with simulated low-mountain (760 m above sea level, Bishkek) and high- mountains (Too Ashuu mountain pass, 3200 m above sea level) traumatic brain injury. The authors used the weight-drop method (Y. Tang technique) to reproduce the traumatic brain injury. After reproduction of the trauma in high altitudes, the animals were transported to low altitudes and on the 3rd day the rats were sacrificed with chloroform overdose. The authors studied microcirculation using a microscopic method with black ink intravascular injection. Olympus Bx40 microscope (Japan) was used for this purpose. At the same time, serial microphotography with simultaneous recording of the results was carried out using a digital camera connected to a computer. The morphometry of the vascular plexuse brain components was carried out with Top View application used for measuring microscopic objects. SPSS 16.0 software was used to process statistical data. Results. Craniocerebral injury that occurs in high mountains causes the narrowing of the capillary lumen by 52 % (p function show_eabstract() { $('#eabstract1').hide(); $('#eabstract2').show(); $('#eabstract_expand').hide(); }


Microcirculation, vascular plexuses, brain, craniocerebral injury, highlands

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IDR: 14117592   |   DOI: 10.34014/2227-1848-2020-4-153-166

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