Improvement of methodical approaches to the assessment of an enterprise's personnel

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In the article problems of the assessment of the enterprises’ personnel are estimated. Conceptual provisions, connected with the level of contemporary development of an enterprise, with the level of development of national economy taking into account the challenges of globalization are determined. It was proved that the assessment of the personnel and the attitude of the person to labour has an interdisciplinary and multilateral character. The author analyzed general methodological approaches and suggested a complex of indices for the personnel assessment. The authenticity of use of suggested conceptions and their use in an enterprise depends on how objectively they reflect real situation in the enterprises. The specificity of the assessment of industrial personnel is displayed. The necessity of the analysis of isomorphism, individualism, creative base in the solutions of personnel development is underlined. The author comes to a conclusion that the improvement of the assessment methodology of the personnel is connected with the orientation to the individual character of a person, satisfaction of interests of every member of the collective and taking into account the rights of individuals...


Enterprise, personnel, labour, interests, values, needs, isomorphism, individualism, creativity, globalization, reserves, resources, methodoloby

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