Current trends in the unfavorable clinical and social dynamics of personality disorders in problematic internet use

Автор: Petrov A.A., Chernyak N.B.

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Статья в выпуске: 3 (108), 2020 года.

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Despite the high prevalence of typical variants of negative clinical and social dynamics of personality disorders in the form of delinquent behavior, drug addiction, alcoholism and pathological gambling, today the problematic use of the Internet is becoming increasingly important in the trajectory of social maladjustment of patients with personality disorders (PD). Overuse of the world wide web easily allows one to distance oneself from the real social, interpersonal and emotional problems that are so common in patients with PD. Objective: to study the clinical phenomenology of problematic use of the Internet as a modern form of unfavorable clinical and social dynamics of personality disorders. Material and Methods. Two groups of patients are studied using clinical-psychopathological, psychometric, and statistical methods. The main group consists of 167 males (mean age 19.7±2.4 years) with a verified personality disorder. The control group consists of 80 healthy males (mean age 19.6±2.8 years). Results and Discussion. According to statistics using Pearson's x2 test, personality disorder is a statistically significant (p function show_eabstract() { $('#eabstract1').hide(); $('#eabstract2').show(); $('#eabstract_expand').hide(); }


Personality disorder, decompensation, progressive dynamics, problematic internet use, internet addiction, coping strategy, digital autism

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IDR: 142226141   |   DOI: 10.26617/1810-3111-2020-3(108)-83-91

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