Comparison of estimates of a financial condition of the enterprises by methods of Biver's indicators and scoring analysis

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Among foreign methods of assessment of degree of proximity to bankruptcy the method of system of Biver indicators and the scoring analysis are the most popular. The financial coefficients counted for the concrete enterprise often contradict each other or don't satisfy to normal restrictions what results in ambiguity of assessment of a financial state. For elimination of this ambiguity the generalized indicator of a financial state as rating number which variable (signs) are normalized by division into the corresponding borders of normal restrictions for each financial coefficient is entered. The scoring analysis defines a technique of formation of the mentioned rating number, but the standard Biver’s method estimates only separate financial coefficients. Therefore in work the method of calculation of rating number for this method with determination of weight coefficients by a modern method of the analysis of hierarchies is offered. For the presented these balances of 10 concrete enterprises the generalized indicators of a financial state are calculated, schedules are constructed and the most unsuccessful enterprises are defined. Further very important problem about communication of the estimates received by the Biver’s method with results of assessment of a financial state on a method of the scoring analysis is solved. Comparison of the corresponding schedules shows high-quality coincidence, and for quantitative confirmation of communication the correlation analysis is used. The coefficient of correlation of Pearson for the considered enterprises is equal 0,827, and the coefficient of rank correlation of Spirmen used for check of orderliness of numerical estimates is equal 0,818 that demonstrates close correlation connection of the results received by method of the generalized indicator of the Biver’s system and method of the scoring analysis.


Generalized indicator, method of the analysis of hierarchies, scoring analysis, correlation coefficient, system of biver's indicators

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IDR: 140229970   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-261-266

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