Comparative study of the accuracy of earth observation by satellite constellations in high elliptical orbits

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The paper provides results of estimated accuracy comparisons for applied satellite constellations (ASC) in Molniya-type high elliptical orbits based on a previously presented criterion for analysis of accuracy parameters of ASC that observe targets on the Earth surface and/or in the layer above the surface, which is not dependent on specific features of the onboard equipment, but rather on the structure and dynamics of the ASC. The paper provides an algorithm for numerical simulations of ASC. The paper discusses accuracy parameters for ASC in high elliptical orbits in various orbital configurations, as well as a combined option involving spacecraft in geostationary orbit. It defines key trajectory design parameters driving the ASC accuracy. The results can be used for selecting the initial ASC configuration in high elliptical orbits during preliminary design phase.


Observation satellite systems, high elliptical orbits, accuracy criterion, satellite constellation analysis

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IDR: 143177943   |   DOI: 10.33950/spacetech-2308-7625-2021-1-108-118

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