Sterols and polyphenols of fucoids from the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea

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The results of polyphenols and sterols content in fucus algae from the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea have been presented. Maximum concentrations of polyphenols (7.06-9.62 %) have been found in all of fucus algae from the Lodeynaya Bay characterized by the highest levels of heavy metal contamination. While comparing Fucoids of Murman by content of polyphenols it has been shown that the minimum values are typical for A. nodosum (1.5-3.3 %), higher concentrations (an average of 1.7-2.0 times higher) - for representatives of F. vesiculosus and F. serratus. The character of changes in the content of total polyphenols in fucus algae of Murman has been studied by three-way multivariate analyses of variance (MANOVA). It has been shown that the degree of salinity of sea water is most significant. The factor of the habitat of algae (the complex of individual abiotic characteristics of the specific location) has had a smaller influence. Seasonal factor has turned out to be insignificant in relation to the dynamics of accumulation of polyphenols for all investigated Fucoids. However, the detailed study of each species of algae has revealed a seasonal dependence of the polyphenols content for the two species from the Kola Bay, namely representatives of Fucus vesiculosus and Fucus distichus accumulate polyphenols in spring. The most significant influence on the total polyphenols content of algae from Murman has interaction of habitat factors, salinity and season (38.75 %). It has been established that Fucus vesiculosus has the most quantities of fucosterol, total polyphenols and the amount of extractive substances in comparison with other species of the Barents Sea flora, such as F. serratus, F. distichus and A. nodosum. It has been shown that the algae growing in the Yarnyshnaya Bay (Eastern coast of the Barents Sea) contain two times more fucosterol and polyphenols than those living in the Belokamennaya Bay, 13 times more than the algae from the cape Abram-Mys.


Fucus algae, polyphenols, phloroglucinol, fucosterol, abiotic factors, barents sea

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IDR: 14294997   |   DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2017-20-2-326-335

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