A. Achair's stanza

Автор: Poltoratsky Ivan S., Kapinos Elena V.

Журнал: Новый филологический вестник @slovorggu

Рубрика: Русская литература

Статья в выпуске: 1 (52), 2020 года.

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The article is dedicated to the poet of Eastern emigration A. Achair, the creator (based on N. Gumilev's “Poets Workshop”) of the literary association “Young Churaevka” where young poets interested in the technique of poem, studied works on prosody and further experimented with rare rhymes and rhyming methods in their own texts. One of the rarest poetic forms - a combination of a sliding quaternary rhyme in sextains, double quatrains and octaves - is often found in Achair's works. The article lists all cases of such a rhyme (the sample is based on the most complete Russian collection of poems by Achair “Someone is infinitely dear to me...”, Moscow, 2009) and details some of his most interesting poems, in which quatrains, «doubled» by sliding quaternary rhyme and octaves are used with different types of clauses, including such a rare type of rhyme as abaCdbdC, creating an elegant, octave-like stanza. The most interesting case of a quaternary rhyme is presented in Achair's poem “The Blind”, where the complexity of the matrix is due to long rhyming chains, one of which connects the first line of the text with the last one, and this is a distance of three octaves. The refined rhyme pattern, multiple interstrophic connections increase the semantic volume of the text. Analyzing Achair's stanza, it is possible to outline the intertextual connections of Achair's poetry with Gumilev, Severyanin, Vertinsky, Khodasevich.


A. achair, n. shchegolev, n. gumilev, emigration, harbin poets,

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IDR: 149127408   |   DOI: 10.24411/2072-9316-2020-00012

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