Structuring and electric conductivity of polymer composites pyrolysed at high temperatures

Автор: Aneli Jimsher N., Natriashvili Tamaz M., Zaikov Gennadiy Efremovich

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Рубрика: Биология и биотехнология

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The new conductive monolithic materials have been created on the basis of phenolformaldehyde mixtures and epoxy resins at the presence of some silicon organic compounds and fiber glasses annealed in vacuum and hydrogen media. The conductive, magnetic and some other properties of these materials were investigated. It is proved experimentally that the obtained products are characterized by semi-conductive properties, the level of conductivity and conductive type of which, are regulated by the selection of technological methods. The density and mobility of carriers can be increased by increasing the annealing temperature up to definite levels. The temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity and charge mobility are described by Mott formulas. The magnetic properties of the annealed materials are investigated by ESR method. It is established that in the annealing process free radicals and other paramagnetic centers are formed. On the basis of obtained results it is proposed to form the conducting clusters for transporting the charge between them.


Conductivity, pyrolysis, high temperature, structuring, electric properties

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IDR: 14967426

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