Study about cognitive linguistics

Автор: Ibrohimov M.

Журнал: Форум молодых ученых @forum-nauka

Статья в выпуске: 4 (56), 2021 года.

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The article is devoted to the issues of considering such linguistic phenomena as conceptual metaphor, polysemy and modality in the English language from the standpoint of cognitive linguistics. The work analyzes the influence of cognitive human experience on the speed of memorization and the depth of assimilation of foreign language lexical units, reveals the concept of “conceptual metaphor”. The author substantiates the need to study a foreign language not only as a sign system, but also as a system of understanding the world through the history and culture of representatives of different countries.

Cognitive linguistics, foreign language, metaphor, semantic clarification, the cognitive structure of the source, lexical units

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IDR: 140289993

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