Essence and criteria of formation of the economic kernel of the region

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In the article the essence of the economic kernel of territorial and production system is investigated, selection criteria of its elements, structure and structure are displayed. One of the features of the suggested approach to the definition of the structure of the economic kernel is the multi variant approach that allows to define element structure of a kernel of the regional social and economic system taking into account the factors and conditions connected with the branch specificity of a concrete territorial and economic complex. The author developed indicators and selection criteria of potential elements according to which kernels of the economy of the Udmurt Republic and the Kursk region effective development of which has an importance for a successful development of the Russian economy in the whole were defined. It is especially relevant in the conditions of the period of the realization of external economic sanctions. The author’s approach to understanding of the essence of an economic kernel differs considerably from the concept of poles, growth points because besides the growth poles, the article suggests including also those branches and productions which make the basis of an economic system of the region. It will allow defining the composition and structure of an economic kernel taking into account branch, regional or functional specifics at different levels of the hierarchical system of control.


Region, economic kernel, regional economic policy, criteria, optimum variant of the kernel of the economy, territorial and production system, udmurt republic, kursk region, efficiency, growth point, optimization, poles of growth, propulsive branches


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