The «Secular» in the secular state: social and philosophical discourse

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Now scientists from the different points of view estimate functioning and realization of the principle of "secularity" enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation which researches generally concern legal application. This article is an attempt to consider secular from social and philosophical positions. For this purpose the author carries out the analysis of some views about the essence of the secular and secular state. The etymological analysis of the term "secular" is also given. It is possible to consider "secular» from different positions. In the research the opinion is given that secular is the lack of the religious. The levels and the main signs of "secularity" are considered. The article includes opinions of traditional faiths of Russia on the matter. The conclusion is drawn on need of equality of all religious organizations - as the main requirement of secularity.


State, society, religion, secular, religious, secularization

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