Technefit - 99m Ts - as a lymphotropic radionuclide

Автор: Ablyazov A.A., Tojihodjaev

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In the world of nuclear medicine, there are a number of radiopharmaceuticals (RFP) for the detection of SLU. The main disadvantages of some RFPs are a low level of accumulation in the SLU (1.5-2% of the administered dose) and redistribution to the lymph nodes of the 2nd and 3rd orders, which reduces the specificity of the study. Therefore, the study of the possibilities of using new RFPs for these purposes will make it possible to rationally plan the volume of surgical intervention that ensures optimal functional and long-term treatment results. Thus, the relevance of early diagnosis of metastatic lesion of regional lymph nodes in patients with malignant tumors of the larynx and larynx is extremely important.


Technefit - 99m, lymphotropic radionuclide, early diagnosis

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