Chinese outbound tourism development trends

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The rapid development of outbound tourism in PRC is a phenomenon in the global tourism industry of the XXI century. Growing incomes and the emergence of a large middle class have led to a change in Chinese consumer priorities. In combination with the government encouraging policy this allowed the PRC to form the world’s largest national travel market, generating more than 10% of the international flow. As the outbound tourism develops, its geographic coverage expands, the structure is increasingly diversified, which creates new opportunities for host countries. The main trends in the development of the outbound tourism market are the expansion of the geography of trips, an increase in the share of young age groups, especially women, a decrease in the share of package tours, a change in a purpose of trips from shopping to educational tourism and recreation. The role of tourism as an instrument of economic and geopolitical influence of the PRC is growing. The use of tourism as a soft power is the main reason for the government's support for outbound tourism.


China, prc, outbound tourism, tourism statistics, tourism marketing

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IDR: 140261082   |   DOI: 10.24412/1995-042X-2021-4-18-31

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