Thermodynamic assessment of phase equilibria in the SrO-Al2O3system

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Thermodynamic modeling of phase equilibria with the subsequent construction of the phase diagram of the SrO-Al2O3 system has been carried out. To calculate the activities of the oxide melt in the course of this work, we used the approximation of the theory of subregular ionic solutions, with the most optimal values of the energy parameters Q1112 = -104 349; Q1122 = -217 689; Q1222 = -104 436 J/mole. The results obtained for the liquidus line in this work are in good agreement with the literature experimental data. In the course of the calculation, the values of the equilibrium constants for the formation of strontium aluminates from the components of the oxide melt were estimated.


Thermodynamic modeling, theory of subregular ionic solutions, sro–al2o3 system, strontium oxide, phase equilibria

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IDR: 147236544   |   DOI: 10.14529/met210401

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